Oban specialises in the “One Stop Shop” approach to managing property portfolios and multiple sites for our clients. We work in partnership with our clients to tailor maintenance management solutions that meet specific budget and service delivery targets. We will also negotiate a fixed schedule of rates for all trades and building maintenance services to provide client certainty from the outset.
Our works management systems and processes ensures the effective delivery of quality assured maintenance services, including frequency, scope and costs, whenever you need them.
This provides the following key benefits:

  • One point of contact
  • Risk transfer
  • Reduced procurement & administration
  • Contractor Management
  • Industry expertise & knowledge
  • Stronger working relationships


Planned and cyclical maintenance schedules are set up to be fully automated work orders and allows our team to manage the works and ensure they are completed on time.  A planned approach to protect the building assets ensures that the lifecycle and asset value is maximised in a cost-efficient manner.


Breakdowns and emergency response forms part of our maintenance management contracts and agreements.  We provide a 24/7 service via our helpdesk and out of hours service.  We understand the need for a quick response and resolution to a wide range of building problems.