The 10 year maintenance plan is the starting point in maintaining the value of your asset.

cost and quantified

Costed + Quantified

risk rated

Risk Rated

DRONE inspection

Drone Inspections

services assessed

Services Assessed

strategy and implementation

Strategy + Implementation

Oban have the professional experience to deliver an effective strategy to maximise the value for your 10 year plan. Oban's 10 year plans are fully compliant with the current regulation and are delivered by professionally qualified Chartered Surveyors.

Our reporting provides short and long term options for the ongoing maintenance of your assets, delivering the detail to assist you in making informed, effective decisions on your future maintenance

Oban 10 Year Maintenance Plan Includes:

10 year maintenance plan
Example of 10 Year Maintenance Plan

The level of detail extends to the assessment of water penetration, roof inspections utilising drones and asbestos identification and risk rating to provide a total overview of your complex.

Case Studies

Reserve Fund Forecasts

10 storey residential complex with swimming pool, gym and central plant

Reserve Fund Forecasts

7 storey residential complex with swimming pool and lift

Reserve Fund Forecasts and Defects Inspection

4 storey mixed use complex with central plant

Reserve Fund Forecasts and Defects Inspection

24 unit, 3-block site

Looking for true professionals?

We will take care of delivering your reserve fund forecasts

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